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New Year, New Body with The Exercise Coach

physical-fitness-program-north-scottsdale-exercise-coach-amanda-coe-2Well, it’s that time of year again…you know… new year, new you (or so the legend goes!) So…if you’re anything like me it means losing a few of those unwanted pounds. Time to make the commitment this time and join a gym. Again! Will I have the willpower to stick with it? Lord knows I with my work schedule, I really don’t have the time!

Enter The Exercise Coach! I recently met Amanda Coe, owner of The Exercise Coach North Scottsdale. A recent transplant from Canada she was seeking warmer weather and a new venue for her new venture. After being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2006, which caused her to be more aware of her body, this Harvard grad took steps toward a healthier lifestyle and ultimately jumped into the fitness world.

Featured on USA Today, Fox News, ABC, CBS and the Chicago Tribune, The Exercise Coach promises the world’s most customized workout. Introducing The Metabolic Comeback which is based on 21st Century science and 16 years of real world experience.
Their ‘quality” versus “quantity” strategy is designed to focus your exercise and eating effort on what really makes a difference. The program which consists of two 20-minute, guided exercise sessions per week on computerized machines that track your unique muscular and metabolic makeup and guide you through workouts precisely appropriate for your unique physiology. Constant computer feedback keeps you engaged and on track while the bio-sensitive technologies adjust to your needs every second of the workout.

“I was looking for something new, different, and that works” says Amanda. “The Exercise Coach technology is safe for seniors and boomers and the perfect workout for those with little disposable time. We have seen a marked difference in fat loss, improved blood-glucose, reduced inflammation, stronger bones and increased strength and energy”.
Twice a week for twenty minutes? I can do that! The Exercise Coach is located at 10101 East Bell Road in Scottsdale in the Mercado del Lago Plaza and a new gym is opening 8320 North Hayden Road as of Saturday January 17th.
For more information visit: www.personaltrainernorthscottsdale.com.

Written by Clarissa Burt
Clarissa Burt Media Group

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